Diana F.


ARTA Certified Trainer

Other Qualifications:

Graduate of the Juilliard Theatre School – Intensive private training with Kristin Linklater in New York. ’00/’01, Attended The Voice Foundation Annual Symposium ’02. Studied Catherine Fitzmaurice, Michael Kahn, Kristin Linklater, Arthur Lessac, 14 years training as a singer, study of the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais.

Areas of Emphasis:

Speech (Skinner), Voice

Professional Organizations:


Selected Publications: The Complete Voice and Speech Workout, The Voice in Violence (ARTA Voice and Diction Review), Standard Speech (VASTA Voice and Speech review) ARTA Newsletter Volume 4, number 1, Volume 5, number 3, Volume 3, number 3

Teaching Philosophy:

I strive to bring out the natural abilities and talents of each student through the understanding of breathing awareness and support. Through a strong foundation in phonetics we will begin to explore the fundamentals of articulation and rhythm.  I encourage each student to interact and communicate the own questions in a collaborative classroom setting.


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