Accent Reduction Teacher – Susan F.


Susan F.


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Chicago, IL

Current Contact:

Online & In Person

Current Affiliation:

Assistant Professor in Theatre Arts, ARTA

Training, Certificates, Major Workshops:

Linklater/Shakespeare and Co. January Intensive, Canadian Voice Intensive w/ David Sukler, Workshops w/ Dale Genge and Fran Bennet, Authentic Movement with Judith Koltai

Professional Affiliations:

Susan is an actor, voice/speech professional and director. She directed theatre in Chicago, including The Winter’s Tale in Summer 2004, Hair, 2001, and Measure for Measure, 2006.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Voice, Text, Speech and Dialects

Professional Organizations:


Statement of Philosophy:

Teaching voice, text work, speech and dialects is a joyful part of my life. When we are in class or in rehearsal, I hope the students I work with will sense this joy and experience it for themselves, as these feelings will keep them studying and growing, not just as students, but as human beings, too. My work is deeply influenced by the wonderful practitioners I have studied with at ARTA in New York. 

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