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Aerospace and Defense:

The aerospace and defense industry is made up of companies that design, build and manufacture defense products; aircraft, weaponry, watercraft, and information systems, as well as companies manufacturing spacecraft. These products are primarily purchased by federal governments for military use or space exploration.


The aerospace and defense industry is mainly comprised of companies that manufacture products for military use. This includes manufacturers ships, submarines, and destroyers used by the military as well as commercial aircraft carriers, private or government aircraft, bombers, fighter jets, commercial or private airplanes, and the companies which manufacture and distribute the parts or components for these machines. Also included are missiles, ammunition, and other defense weapons and technology such as radar, sonar, or satellites devices.

The aerospace and defense industry also produces spacecrafts used by government space administrations and commercial space tourism companies. Many countries including the European Union, purchase these products from domestic companies. Most of the purchases are from a federal defense department, in the United States and NATO, or government-run space programs.


The dominant issue of the debt crisis is a major obstacle to the upward mobility facing the aerospace and defense industry today. In the past, the industry could rely on sovereign governments to generate revenue with government’s spending on military equipment and technology. However, due to the fact that many countries, i.e.; Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal have declared bankruptcy and others. This decreased spending will lead to lower revenues. However, what will keep the demand in the industry up is the unrest throughout the middle east region of the world.

Past Company Clients

Boeing (United States), EADS (Netherlands), Lockhead Martin (United States), Honeywell International (United States), General Dynamics (United States)

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