Agriculture Training and Consulting:


The agriculture industry is responsible for fulfilling peoples’ demand for energy, and shelter. In addition to crops and livestock farming, the industry includes field crops of cotton and tobacco. The companies involved in supportive roles in pest management and animal raising are also considered among the agriculture industry. This is one of the largest industries, which employs approximately 42 percent of the world’s laborers, although it encompasses less than 5 percent of the combined worlds GDP.


The agriculture industry is comprised of companies and corporations that are involved in the production of food or crops for human consumption. This includes both firms in growing crops and enterprises that specialize in raising animals. Animal production includes beef, dairy, chicken, or pork farms, as well as apiaries (bee farms) and aquacultures (fish and seafood farms). Plant production includes food crops, greenhouses, nurseries, and field crops (tobacco and cotton). Agriculture has been in practice for thousands of years, but modern for ms of production have evolved quite dramatically. The agriculture industry also receives support from businesses that harvest seeds, farming equipment, and other goods and services that help the agriculture industry become more efficient throughout the years.


In an attempt to feed more people for a smaller cost, genetic modification is becoming common.  Farmers look for new ways to enhance desired traits found in their livestock or crops, such as hardiness, high yields, and fast growth. Controversial advancements in biopharmaceuticals, or genetic altering of plants to grow certain drugs, and the practice of cloning animals to preserve the best genetic traits has penetrated the market. On the flip side, using technologies such as GPS positioning for tracking animals is saving time and increasing profits. Consolidating is increasing and food cooperatives such as Sunkist Growers are sharing facilities and buy supplies together to reduce costs. Specialty markets such as Whole Foods, and organic farming, naturally-raised meat, or locally-grown produce have also risen.

Company Clients and Industry Leaders

Archer Daniels Midland (United States), Bunge (Bermuda), Agrium (Canada), Monsanto (United States), Olam International (Singapore)


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