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Imagine Having Your Own Accent Tutor To Help You Where and Whenever You Want! Turn Off Your Accent and Speak With the Standard American Speech.

How Is This Possible?

Here’s How…

Join the “Monthly Members” Plan and Get Everything You Need To “Speak Like An American” — Private Coaching, The American Accent Audio Download’s, the ARTA Quick Guide, a Monthly Live Q&A Class with an ARTA Certified Trainer and “Annual” Access to the Members-Only Video Files Emailed from our Portal, and much more
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Dear Friend,

The truth about speaking English is that it doesn’t have to be stressful.
The old classroom English teachers tell us you will always speak with a heavy accent and you just have to “live with it” and “have to accept it as not being from here”…that’s a thing of the past.!

You can turn off, and then continue speaking with an accent anytime. You don’t have to be embarrassed or ignored when you speak English. And you certainly don’t have to wait 10-20 years or more, before you gradually begin losing your foreign or regional accent.

There’s a much simpler and faster way of speaking English with no accent. And you don’t have to be born in the U.S. to speak English word by word and fluently.

The KEY is having LIVE personal feedback from your ARTA Certified Trainer to help you develop coordination and musicality of the language in a “conversational way”. We work with you to focus your sounds and rhythms of your accent in phrases and sentences to speak the way other Americans.

You and I both know that it’s awkward and clumsy receiving new instructions when learning a new subject. And “practice makes perfect”, right?  Well, NO, actually, PERFECT practice makes perfect”. That’s why ARTA believes the fastest to Accent Reduction is through personal ARTA Training sessions available 24/7 with an ARTA Mentor and Coach.

So why learn accent reduction anymore from programs who aren’t there for you 24/7?

Times have changed and so can your accent.

My guess is you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to have to speak without confidence and clarity and don’t want to waste time practicing techniques that don’t give you results immediately.

You’re the kind of person that wants to speak in a way that retains your confidence and have others treat you with respect, just the way you have always wanted to be treated.

Yet, there are circumstances around you on a daily basis that try to move you away from the “American” accent when talking because it conflicts with the results you’re trying to accomplish.

That’s why we created the ARTA Mentor Program–a monthly coaching and LIVE Support Program to help you stay focused everyday on your goals for learning your new American accent by an ARTA certified trainer at ARTA.

We’re opening up access to our database and our training staff so we can personally help you stay focused on your accent goals each month, while helping you stay focused on the ARTA Method that resonate with you so deeply — speaking without compromising your integrity or losing your unique personality by having to make someone else struggle to listen to you.

I’m inviting you to become a member of the Mentor Member Program, so that each month you’ll learn new and different ways to apply the ARTA Method to your English speaking conversations so you can build confidence, be understood, and enjoy more language success socially and professionally.

As a member of the ARTA Annual Membership Program, you’ll get:

Annual Online Access To The ARTA Method and Classroom Audio and Video Archived Sessions with Written Materials, Along With an Introductory Video ($297.00 Value) You’ll learn all the “ins and outs” of the ARTA Method. A truly revolutionary speaking approach based on natural conversation and communication techniques with your friends and colleagues at an informal level. ARTA has put into words what thousands of students have wanted to know for years. You’ll get instant access to difficult combination of sounds, phrases, and sentences when speaking the English language and a strategy that has proven to create lasting results for speaking with no accent.
You’ll learn:

Why the ARTA Method reveals your speaking process 
• Why focusing on how you say something, is just as important as focusing on what your saying 
• How to stop slipping into the “speak every word clearly” mode and start having fluent and stress free dialogue with your friends and colleagues
• Identify your English speaking mistakes that make your audience go into “what did you say” mode.

Two 1/2 Hour Weekly Training Sessions Within The First 90-Days With Your ARTA Certified Trainer ($277.00 Value) These revolutionary sessions will break your old pronouncing habits that are penalizing you instead of promoting your ability to have good connection with people you meet casually everyday. Your Accent Trainer will customize the ARTA model directly to your common vocabulary within your industry. You’ll have your own custom “opening- and closing statement”, a clear and confident opening phrase for your next business meeting or social encounter with a colleague that will promote a stress-free natural conversation with your friends. Your Accent Trainer will also coach you on your phone call manner, work with you on monitoring mistakes that keep your friends and colleagues from listening to you effectively. In short, your Accent Trainer will work with you on any business or social scenario that you face that the ARTA Monitoring Method can help you with. Every ARTA trainer has been personally trained by ARTA. These sessions have been life-changing for thousands of ARTA Members and will be the same for you.

Recorded One-On-One Word Stressing and Intonation Training Sessions ($185.00 Value) Over the past 12 years, ARTA has trained thousands of clients who allowed them to record their one-on-one accent class sessions on how to customize the Pronunciation Manager to their specific industry-related vocabulary and businesses. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to eavesdrop into these conversations and learn how ARTA masterfully trains people from virtually every industry. Each of these clients paid up to $495/hr to be trained personally by ARTA and you’ll be able to listen into these sessions as part of your Mentor Membership.

Here are some of the industry-specific sessions

Entertainment, Medical, Personal, Training, Nursing, Accounting, Insurance, Singing/Acting, IT – Networking, Internet Marketing, Mortgages, Call Center Training, Landscaping, Real Estate, Recruiting, Software Development, Legal Services, Technology and more….

(If your industry is not listed here, your trainer will customize your Mentor Membership to your industry.)

A Monthly One-Hour Q&A Conference Call with ARTA where you can ask any question you’d like about your accent ($197.00 Value) – This is your chance to “pick your trainers brain”. Every month you’ll get coaching directly from ARTA in a group setting. You can bring your toughest challenges, the “stickiest” conversation scenarios you experience, and ARTA will provide you with an effective solution in real time. Many members say that working directly with a ARTA Coach is the most valuable benefit of their entire membership. You’ll be able to submit your questions each month and on the call ARTA will answer them for you. Simply keep a notepad next to your desk each day, write down your questions you want ARTA to answer for you, then submit them before the next coaching call. If you miss a call, no problem, you’ll be able to access the recorded session any time through your personal log-in portal.

Access to Monitoring Accent Tools for  Members Only: “Common Conversation Phrase Sheet” and the “Self Monitoring Check List”
($168.00 Value) These are very specific pronunciation tools that we only provide to our Mentor members. The “Self Monitoring Checklist” has practical introductory and closing conversation phrases you can practice using the ARTA Method to make your speaking skills stress-free. Instead of feeling awkward with what words or phrases to avoid when communicating like a native, all you have to do is review the “Common Conversation Phrase Sheet”, find your specific conversation scenario and the exact phrases will be there for you to use spontaneously. Also, the “Self Monitoring Check List”, a powerful visual road map based on common pronunciation errors outlined by your accent trainer, lays out your personal pronunciation tips so that you know exactly how to handle any correction while having a conversation. These Monitoring Accent tools, developed by ARTA, will keep you focused.

An Audio Recording of Each Q&A Call With Your Accent Trainer Available To Members Only Each Month ($95.00 Value) Each month you’ll be looking for ward to waiting to watch and listen to a new class from ARTA’s latest Q&A accent class. In each of the monthly classes, ARTA is known for providing over 20 new sample sentences to use each and every single day. The ARTA teacher teaches the ARTA Method, while allowing the American accent to play out through the conversation. You’ll want to watch and listen to these recordings over and over again. You can listen and study them where ever and whenever you want. You can put the recording on your computer or in your car and practice the tips, so you can make improvements even faster.

An .MP4 Recording of Each Q&A Call with ARTA ($79.00 Value) If you’re mobile and on the go, you’ll be notified within minutes when each Q&A Trainer call is ready to be downloaded from the Members site. This way you download it right into your iPad for listening at home or on the road. Listening to these .mp4’s in your mobile is like having ARTA with you, one-on-one, so you continue to integrate and stay focused on the ARTA Method.

Annual Access to the Members-Only Emails ($297.00 Value) You’ve never seen a Members Plan as comprehensive as this one. It has hours and hours of resources that you’ll be able to access each week for your entire membership. And, it’s updated with new content all the time. It’s the ultimate networking community for like-minded people who believe clear and effective communication is the key to successful long-term relationships. And you’ll never be alone, feeling like you’ve got to figure things out by yourself. The 24/7 peer support, the “ friends list”, the live chat sessions every week, give you a “home” to come to anytime. You can access the latest ARTA audios and videos, brainstorm in the Live Chat Conversation Room with other members, post and search for the latest success stories and case studies in the Discussion Forum, catch up on the latest ARTA news, submit your questions for the monthly group accent classes, and the latest Member print newsletter. This members-only plan is your central hub for everything you need as a ARTA Member.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find in the members-only site:

Custom Industry Recordings Accent Classes (If you’re industry is not covered, you’re accent trainer will customize the program for you.)
A 24/7 Live Chat Discussion Forum so you can interact live with other ARTA members anytime you have a challenge or want to ask questions
Your “Friend List” where you can connect with other members in your industry to “connect” and chat together
New audio and videos of a ARTA class sharing tips and secrets about the Self- Monitoring that are not publicly available to non-members
A Calendar with all upcoming class dates and details
The Latest ARTA News to keep you in the loop
The Latest articles that ARTA Trainers have published with new tips and strategies
Access to the Member Forum
Access to the core ARTA accent principles for success – The Mentor and Conversation Strategies you can review anytime
Access to the latest “ARTA Member” newsletter
Access to the latest Q&A accent class .mp4
Access to the latest Accent Tools
JUST ADDED: Live Chat Conversation sessions by topic (i.e. The Accent Monitoring, Handling Common Pitfalls, Taking the Stress out of your professional communication and social interactionsand more!!

Ongoing ” Accent Tips” Emails To Keep You Focused On The Self Monitoring Checklist ($67.00 Value) You’ll love these emails. They are written every week by ARTA Trainers based on real life situations that students experience everyday. They dissect each speaking scenario so that you have a real life  strategy to use in virtually any daily situation you experience. They’ll keep you on track so you don’t slip back into your old way of speaking. ARTA will share with you the many insights about how Monitoring can be applied to your different business encounters and even your personal life.

5-page “ARTA Member” Newsletter Emailed To You ($198.00 Value): There’s a “tip in every issue” of the ARTA member newsletter with strategies that show how to use the ARTA Method for solving your day-to-day speaking challenges — so you’ll never again feel “embarrassed” while speaking. Personal stories from ARTA in a variety of industries that have “broken the barrier” from old-speaking patterns. And personal stories from ARTA about how others have used the Mentoring to their personal gain. You’ll receive your first issue within the first 30 days after you become a member. Members can save every issue of the “Mentor Member” so they can review the newest ideas and strategies each month.

TOTAL MONTHLY VALUE: $2,058.00/month
Monthly membership starting at: $299.99/month