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Accent Reduction Learning Allows Columbia University to Maintain Productivity During Teaching

An Associate Professor of Columbia University Business School, has a very straight for ward Chinese accent while speaking to her students and teaching staff. After 9 months of classroom lecturing, she is getting positive feedback from students and her reviews are excellent. However, she notices that when delivering her weekly lectures, she can’t help but notice students asking her to “speak louder” and often she has to repeat herself. After discussing her teaching problems with a colleague, she decides that it is her Mandarin accent that may beholding her back from her dream of becoming a tenure professor. Like all tasks she takes this very seriously and contacts (ARTA) to get the personal attention to correcting her foreign accent and be on track for her tenure review. Being a highly regarded educational institution, it is not surprising that Columbia would value employee training. The career services department at the University reaches out toARTA, to help set up an initial assessment.
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A Revolutionary Accent Reduction Method Solves Employee Training Challenges Faced by Information Technology Managers

AT&T, one of the leading global technology organizations in the world, was challenged with the same training issues faced by most organizations:how to measure ROI on their employee training investment, how to target and train their new outsourced employees among international callcenters throughout India and the Philippines. With over 200 call center employees, the training needed to take place during work hours to maximize and maintain productivity during training. Learn More

Custom Training Solution Enables Calvin Klein to Successfully Implement New Online Training System for Employee

Calvin Klein hired a new team of designers to work on on their newline of Spring fashions and needed a new training program in place to effectively communicate the design details among an international staff to locations across the U.S. in 3 months.  Accent Reduction Training Association worked with Calvin Klein designers to create a creative and productive atmosphere for brainstorming and managing designer ideas in its weekly meetings. A custom training course was installed that consisted of two hours of online accent reduction lessons and two hours of in-person accent coaching in order to increase productivity, communication effectiveness and improved pronunciation, among top non-American designers. Learn More

Accent Reduction Training Creates a More Connected, Efficient, and Positive Workforce at Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo is a complete jewelry retailer most popularized in Europe and has recently opened its first and only U.S. location in LosAngeles. Due to the large number of remote personnel abroad that need to stay connected with the various functions and departments within the franchise, Thomas Sabo made the decision to implement the Accent Reduction Tutoring Services offered by ARTA as its core employee development and training platform. Learn More

Accent Reduction Training Results in 60 Hours of Productivity Savings Annually for Moody’s

Research analysis showed that a Moody’s worker who successfully completed the Accent Reduction training with (ARTA) improved their productivity by 15 minutes per day. Over the year, that is an equivalent of 15,000 hours of productiveness savings which equals to$135,000 in cost savings due to the training. The performance gained is approximately a 7 to 1 benefit to cost ratio. Learn More

Consulates General Offices Complete an Accent Reduction Certification Course: Results Help Open Doors to Diplomacy

Accent Reduction Training Association created a comprehensive and customized Pronunciation Training certification program for multipleConsulates Generals office in New York City.  The private course was delivered locally in a 2day intensive for mat consisting of daily assessments and online feedback sessions. The accent reduction curriculum met the primary goal of providing 75-70 percent accent reduction through ARTA certification in a very brief time period. The successful outcome of the program has led participants to communicate more effectively with their American counterparts during high profile meetings with top U.S. officials and spokespersons of the United Nations. Learn More

San-Ofi Aventis Successfully Completes an Organization-Wide Conversion Project and Cuts Costs!

Accent Reduction Training Association Corporate Services team worked with San-Ofi Aventis to tailor a program to their specific business; manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products. With Accent Reduction & Training Association as their employee training partner, San-Ofi Aventis was able to save $55,000 in training fees and was positioned to concentrate their efforts on the product promotion.Additionally, through the contracting of accent trainers with expert skill sets in pinpointing and delivering enhanced sales and marketing techniques at medical centers across the U.S. and European markets, San-Ofi Aventis received the added benefit of capitalizing on increased buyer confidence and delivery of their newly developed products on a global level. Learn More

Accent Reduction Training Leads to Savings for Employer and Promotion for Employee

UCLA assigned their computer networking specialist to improve communication  among the networking team and improve customer client relations. Once trained and deployed, the computer specialists received the advanced knowledge for language and culture training for long-term employment opportunities. UCLA provided training through Accent Reduction Training Association trainers, where the computer specialist gained extensive business English and language skills for the workplace, and earned a ARTA Accent Reduction certificate credential. Learn More

The Reuter’s Company Successfully Completes a Company-Wide Training Initiative Resulting in Fewer Customer Complaints and Increased Employee Productivity

ARTA created custom course materials to fit within Reuters standard customer support procedures. The curriculum was developed by interviewing course attendees within the company so that the content addressed job specific terminology related to the employee position. A private training event was conducted over 3 weeks to ensure all employees received consistent training. Learn More

The St. Hilda’s Private School Successfully Trains Pastors to Speak with American Accents

ARTA created a custom course to teach the St. Hilda’s School pastors aspects of speaking American English. The customized speech program of delivering effective presentations in American English, while concentrating on the American intonation and rhythm of the existing teaching staff to use the ARTA certified technique to foster communication skills. Training was delivered in the classroom for local employees and via Online LIVE (ARTA’s virtual online platform)for employees located in upper Manhattan. Learn More

Celebrity Actor Finds a Solution to Breaking into the American Film Market.

Accent Reduction Training Association created customized accent reduction course materials to target specific foreign actors casting issues. Script content and delivery were designed to ensure actors fully understood and retained knowledge regarding correct soundingAmerican accents while performing on location filming, including LosAngeles, New York City and Vancouver film shooting.  Training was delivered via Online LIVE (ARTA’s virtual classroom) and in-person to provide robust training to all international talent worldwide, which could better their chances for securing casting roles. Learn More

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