Accent Reduction Training Compared – Private | Local & Online Classes

Format Options:  Comparison

Face-to-Face (In Person)

  • Advanced Scheduled Appointments Only
  • NO Video Recordings
  • Travel – Time Not Included
  • Available Times (5 days a wk./Business Hours)
  • On-site – (added cost)

Person-to-Person (Live Online)

  • Video & Audio Recording Capability
  • Save Time and Money from Traveling to Class
  • Mobile Access – Available on your Phone & Computer
  • ARTA Certified Trainers: Background Checks
  • Available (7am-7pm, 6 days per wk.)

Online – (Online Material & Live On Demand Trainer)

  • LIVE – Instant Access! Never Miss A Class Again!
  • Take a Class Whereever and Whenever You Need It
  • State of the Art Virtual Classrooms
  • Available No Appointment Needed
  • Flexible Payment Options – PAY Per Class/Per Hour/Per Minute

ARTA Advantage:

  • Certified Trainers – Thousands of Hours Logged
  • Flexible Training – Online, In Person, Live On Demand
  • Assigned Program Manager For Your Program
  • 18+ Years of Accent Reduction Training Development

Who should attend

An ARTA Accent Reduction course will be of benefit to you if you are:

   – Considering living or traveling in the U.S.

   – Experiencing the challenges of not being clearly heard or understood

   – Managing business remotely with American colleagues or partners

   – A working professional or business person in the U.S.

   – Establishing partnerships with American companies and colleagues

   – Employing nationals within your organization

Course Description

Program Overview

   – Overview of American pronunciation, social and language skills

   – American vowels, consonants, intonation, tonality and rhythm

   – American idioms and colloquial expressions in the workplace

   – Monitoring and listening to speaking styles of Americans

   – Communication styles when speaking with Americans

   – Challenges and solutions for foreign accent reduction

 *Convenient Payment Plans Available

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