Cross Cultural Training – Intercultural Training



Sending executives or other high level employees abroad is a common requirement for many international organizations. This allows them to exercise their existing skills as they are asked to lead or manage internationally.

Working with these teams can be challenging, and their ability to adapt to a new set of circumstances and business agenda has its own set of concerns.

This culturally diverse process can be a tiresome task as working to build trust with cross-cultural counterparts and with generally different values from the assignee’s own culture are challenged.

At ARTA we help provide others with the knowledge and skills to assist the many interactions that they need to be best prepared for on a daily basis. This course will give you the understanding to effectively overcome the obstacles of a possible cultural challenge on your intercultural training.

Improve your intercultural competence with ARTA, one of the world’s leading providers of Intercultural Training courses.


An Intercultural Training course will provide you with:

  •         Understanding the barriers of your culture
  •        Talking strategies with an international assignment expert
  •        Analysis of the country’s cultural values at work
  •        Different social scenarios played out at work

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