Dialect Coach- Thomas C.


Thomas C.


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ARTA Certified Trainer

Training, Certificates, Major Workshops: ARTA Certified Training Certificate, B.A. English Literature. Rutgers University, Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voice Work.  Studied with Kristin Linklater. Workshops with Cicely Berry.


1994-1998, London Theatre – resident voice consultant; Over 75 professional acting roles in theatre and voice-overs.

Areas of Emphasis:

Voice, Speech and Dialects, Classical Text, Scene Analysis, Acting.

Professional Organizations:

ARTA Certified, International Phonetic Association, AEA, SAG, AFTRA.

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that both singing and speech work are to be developed separately, and gradually blended together during development.  My voice teaching focuses on muscular tension release and coordinated articulatory skills. Speech training is explored with new possibilities of range of tone and rate of articulation. Only after first working on the attack of sound onto the vocal cords in the development phase are specific patterns for dialects introduced.

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