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  Vocal Exercise Collections

The Accent Reduction Training Association for Speech and Movement (ARTA) has developed a collection of vocal exercise containing simple, fun, vocally interesting, including both movement and dynamic range, that will energize the mind and whole body. The vocalizing focuses on just the right articulator for speech in a specific voice type and includes rhyming words, (silly gibberish words), rhythmic patterns, primal and developmental speech sounds, and acapella “sing-along songs,” all in a dynamic variety of tonal sounds and styles.

Outstanding singers are recorded singing a variety of songs, including tenor, baritone, bass, soprano and mezzo-soprano. The vocal exercise collections, including exercise books, CDs and mp4’s, are designed to be used consecutively, one per semester. The other core collections are suitable for mixed-language levels, so that language centers and families with children can enjoy the same rhythmical sounds.

The exercise collections are originally conceived and produced, and are researched and classroom tested. The feedback of speech and music teachers and students over more than 15 years has been incorporated in these materials. They give results!


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