Expert Communication in English

Would you like to be more fluent when speaking English?

This is the next level for students who acquired English in the more organized approach and are looking to improve their speaking proficiency to communicate in business or social settings.

This course will teach you how to be relaxed and confident in any environment: expressing needs and opinions, presenting ideas, using humor, and discussing important matters.

Being an expert in communication is having the ability to persuade one person or an entire audience.


This is an intensive course which has been designed to make a difference to your life. It will be immediately useful for those who are working, studying or enjoy socializing and networking.

As a student with ARTA you will have have your lessons in-house or in an ARTA ( Accent Reduction Training Association) training center.

We teach you to use acting techniques to help you communicate – but this is not an acting course. Rather, it’s an English course for those who want to be Expert Communicators.

To find out more about the course, contact ARTA: PH: (844) Speak-Well
 or email us:


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