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Family Communication

ARTA is known for its sophisticated, pragmatic and humane approach towards topics concerning family breakdown, children and relationship disagreements.

We listen to clients’ communication techniques in order to understand them and then advise them, managing conversations to achieve clarity with positive outcomes.

How we do this is as important as what we do. Often there is a range of possible approaches that can be taken – to negotiate, communicate, collaborate, mediate or converse – and we help clients establish the best options available to them.

Recognizing the value of a constructive and sensitive approach, our broad range of exceptional consultants, offered at different rates, work alongside clients to provide an attentive, personal service tailored to each individual.

Sometimes feedback is sought at the beginning of relationships. Our team can establish with clients whether how they might communicate a formal agreement when entering into marriage or a civil partnership, living together or remarrying.

At other times, advice is sought upon communication breakdown – an event that occurs in all types of families. This includes considering dissolution of marriage or civil partnerships and the separation of unmarried couples of all ages, as well as post-marital agreements. Families often have complex style of communicating and structure, at time of which have an international element, whether that involves living abroad or having relatives or business interests outside the US. We have a great deal of experience of advising on these international topics, such as the choice of conversation in which a client’s best interests lies. Established professional networks, including the LiveFaculty Network, are used to provide local overseas advice when necessary.

We also advise onshore and offshore business communication in connection with family court proceedings against them made by the courts.

Much time is spent supporting parents in discussions with children about future arrangements for college or professional interests, including where they might live (either within this country or a planned move abroad), how they are to be educated and the time parents spending talking with their children.

Our team has a reputation for excellence in the field of family matters places a top priority or speaking honestly and in regards to family matters. All of the team are members of ARTA, the specialist professional organization whose members are recognized for their constructive approach in this area.

ARTA is a full service communication consultancy and this allows for a multi-faceted approach to family topics. In addition to family communication needs, our specialists can advise in communication of business interests – and can help to implement conversations with an ARTA trained coach to ensure that clients’ privacy and reputation are protected.

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