Do you want to be more creative when you speak? Do you want to be more relaxed and “In the moment” when approach others at work? Learn to understand how to create an atmosphere where spontaneous ideas are created among others, and feel safe expressing them with a sense of play, creativity and innovation?

“Improvisation” is a thinking-on-your-feet, high-energy workshop presented on the foundation and principles of speaking your “truth”. Through a series of energizing, interactive exercises and games, you and your colleagues will be guided on how to let go of results, take expressive and emotional risks and trust your creative mindset. You will discover how to unlock your creative left brained self expression and develop an inner sense to unlock creativity when needed with your team. You’ll also learn how to get in a “creative space” of performance.

This fun packed, energizing session will teach you the fundamental rules of creativity and improvisation including how to:

Improvisation is great for :


For more information on our Team Building Improvisational activities, call us: 844-773-2593, or make your inquiry on our for m below.

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