Accent reduction, Initial Assessments

Personal Accent Assessment

Participants admitted to ARTA Programs must attend an initial assessment. An accent assessment test is administered by an ARTA Certified Trainer and will last approximately one hour.  Currently, the one time assessment fee.

The Accent Reduction Journey Begins

Your journey to improving your speech begins with developing a personal Accent Program.  This custom program is presented during an accent assessment. This diagnostic “check point” will test your accent level in several areas, including, intonation, rhythm, listening skills and sound imitation. Every accent is different and understanding your particular strengths and weaknesses and overall learning potential is the first step in creating a program that will get you where you want to go.

4 Steps To Successful Speech

Accent Reduction Training Association’s revolutionary accent assessment navigates the route to your speech goals using four paths to success:

  • Step 1 – listening skill
  • Step 2 – sound imitation
  • Step 3 – muscle coordination
  • Step 4 – motivation level

Using these steps will help define the training methods that your ARTA Certified Trainer will guide you through during sessions, thus helping you focus on specific exercises, yielding the most effective results.  You will discover the vocal sounds and techniques needed to realign the habitual movements that your articulators are creating.  You will then be able to build and maintain coordinated tongue and throat movements and develop listening skills to knowhow to change your accent on cue.

Accent Reduction Training Association has helped guide thousands of people to reach their speech goals. Let us show you the road to success.

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