Remember: As a member of the ARTA Monthly Training Program, you’ll get:

Access To The ARTA Methods with Conversaid Classroom Audio and Video Emails: Sessions and Written Materials, Along With an Introductory Video ($297.00 Value)

Weekly Video Training Within The First 21-Days with An ARTA Certified Trainer ($277.00 Value)

Recorded One-On-One Word Stressing and Intonation Training Sessions ($185.00 Value)

A Monthly Q&A Group Conference Call with ARTA where you can ask any question you’d like about ARTA accent reduction ($197.00 Value)

Access to Self-Monitoring Accent Tools for Members Only: “Conversaid Classroom Phrase Sheet” and the “Monitoring Checklist”
($168.00 Value)

An Audio Recording of Each Q&A Call With Your Accent Trainer Available To Your Members Only Plan Each Month ($95.00 Value)

An MP4 Recording of Each Q&A call with ARTA ($79.00 Value)

24/7 Access to the LMS Members-Only Web Portal ($297.00 Value)

Ongoing “Accent Reduction Tips” To Keep You Focused On The Improvement Methods Checklist ($67.00 Value)

ARTA Member” News Emailed To You ($198.00 Value):

ARTA Member” Private Videos For You ($198.00 Value):


Your monthly membership is $299.99 per month


You’ll Get FREE Access to a $595  – ARTA Online Bonus Pack – Just For Joining The Mentor Monitoring — Online Access to ARTA’s Latest Tips and Strategies Sign Me Up for the ARTA Monthly Membership…

For as low as $299.99 per month, I get great value as a member of the Monthly Membership — I have absolutely nothing to lose by giving this a try. We want you to be engaged and successful in mastering The ARTA Method, so we will do everything possible to make sure you are one of our success stories.

PLUS You’ll Get:

Add-On Sessions: Monthly Members are eligible to (add-on) private training sessions, as needed, per month to boost your training intensity and receive Full Member discounts up to 60% OFF.

TOTAL MONTHLY VALUE: $2,057.00/month

Monthly membership is only: $299.99  (3 month minimum)