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Residency – Match Training and Interview Skills Prep: Full Season

The upcoming years’ course, we will teach you How to Succeed in Interviews and Preparation. This course teaches how to use verbal communication skills in social and professional situations that you find yourself in while living and working in the US.  This will serve the residential doctor candidate while in United States Clinical Experience – USCE, and during casual social settings, ARTA will train doctors to sharpen their interview skills and help build stronger interview skills among candidates by the time they meet Program Director starting in November – the Fall.

As a potential student you will submit and apply with our online application, and be notified of your candidacy within one week. Students will be invited to begin their work beginning in February 2019 for advising on USMLE, USCE, and editing and rewriting CVs. The 15 students that ARTA extends invitations to enroll may choose to begin their official (full) training sessions.

Interview Prep

This course sets the foundation for ARTA training and proves to be the primary learning factor that our matching success rate has consistently seen improvement year over year. This training option focuses on doctors that wish to begin their Match – Interview Preparation in the Fall. It begins with the Interview Prep Online Live Streaming Webinar, covering all aspects of interview skills and feedback, mock interviews, rehearsal interviews and follow-ups until Match Day.

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