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Our Semi-Annual Subscription to LMS Access and our Accent Reduction Course material offers login, resources, and credentials to teaching accent reduction! Online sessions designed by ConverSAID℠ founder, Travis James. The ConverSAID℠ LMS is complete with resources to track your progress with asynchronous teaching. Your personalized ConverSAID℠ teacher training material will include Assessment reports to measure progress between each cohort.

Travis James – Founder / Director 

At the time that he opened New York Speech Consulting in downtown Manhattan (SoHo), New York City, Travis was considering a variety of projects in his new start-up loft space. He was teaching New York based actors and performers, as well as collectively teaching communication skills to non-theatre professionals, including U.N. diplomats and executives on Wall Street. While using his degree from New York University, Tisch School in his coachings, where he studied acting techniques, he went on to pursue a Master’s degree at The Actor’s Studio, New School for Social Research, MFA. During this renaissance of exploration with other theatre professionals; actors, directors and writers in the International arts scene, Travis began developing his unique approach for non-actors. It was in this shift of using the cognitive awareness in his study of Industrial Organizational Psychology blended with cognitive training for the actor that became his newfound approach. Travis began his research based teaching in New York and Los Angeles where he became known as the “Accent Eliminator”. Today in his 23rd year of making this truly revolutionary approach to voice and speech a teaching community to the public. As a teacher, director and entrepreneur, Travis has honed this research based collaborative teaching method utilizing a variety of approaches that has reached the arts in education to corporate board rooms, bringing worlds of people together.

FAQ’s – Teacher Training – Accent Reduction

1. What is your Method of Accent Reduction and how does it work?

We believe that all accents should first be broken down phonologically using the Conversaid Syntax (CS). These transcriptions to learning American sounds has proven to be internationally recognized method of reading and writing English.  Since language changes over time, the Conversaid Syntax reflect consistent, modern shifts of phonetic speech which can be seen, heard, and vocalized faster when assimilating phonological correct sounds to Standard American English.

2. What is an ARTA Certified Trainer vs. an Associate Trainer?

Our Accent Reduction Certified Trainers and coaches undergo a rigorous training process in which they must pass a lengthy oral and written examination, demonstrating their understanding and mastery of ARTA accent reduction principles and vocal pedagogy. Teacher Certification classes are held year round. Associate trainers are currently in the process of receiving certification by ARTA.

3. What is the background of your ARTA Certified instructors?

Our ARTA Certified Instructors have taught the ARTA Method of Accent Reduction an average of 10 years. They have taught students in over 90 countries.

ARTA Certified Trainers have qualifications, but are not limited to credentials in the following areas of study:

+   Minimum of 8+ years teaching experience
+   ARTA Certified
+   Hold a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degrees in Speech Pathology, Linguistics, Drama or English.
+   Native English speakers, (with some exceptions)
+   Professionally trained dialect coaches, vocal coaches, broadcasters, speech pathologists and corporate consultants, university professors, among others.


HOW TO HEAR AND SAY THEM. English Phonetic spellings sounds.
The speech architecture and how it works.
 Long and short sounds.

How to stress syllables in words.
How to stress works in phrases and sentences.
The rhythm of English.
Hearing and using stress patterns.
Using and understanding the spoken English of everyday conversational forms.

How to use stress and intonation patterns to reduce your accent.
Hearing and using intonation patterns.

Learning the IPA – Categories of vowels and how to say them.
Hearing and using vowels and diphthongs.
How to use vowel patterns to reduce your accent.

Categories of consonants and how to say them.
Hearing and using consonants.
How to use consonants patterns to reduce your accent.