Accent Reduction Training Association

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We offer the high quality of service features you expect:

  •     High impact. International service for any region.
  •     Affordable. Competitively priced programs with unlimited email support.
  •     Innovative. Integrates technology with a live, on-demand service.
  •     Clients said their office or home is anideal place for highly concentrated and focused study sessions.
  •     On-demand. Help is available when needed; last minute appointments.
  •     Accessible. A computer and internet connection are all users need.
  •     Secure. Experts are certified ARTA trainers and never share personal information.
    Use of Users web cam is optional.
  •     Supportive. Measurable training and reporting to help you track your success.
  •     Scalable. With thousands of clients and a proven system; we are built to grow.
  •     Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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