The course was developed by a 20 year Accent Reduction trainer and founder Travis James. This deal gives double the impact with fast-paced units at half the price with your Licensed, ARTA Certified Trainers. The private lessons will meet for 1 unit (30 minutes) of instruction once or twice weekly. Like you, many of our clients work for Fortune 100 companies, are looking to boost soft skills for promotion, and new recruitment opportunities and chose ARTA’s  proven accent reduction program to help.

Sessions are a fast-paced session for those who want to achieve maximum results. You will work on a different sound each session for the entire session. The goal of the session is to build agility and articulation skills.

Segmental Training (vowels/consonants)

Prosody Training (intonation/stress)


Licensed & Certified ARTA teacher 

Sessions in a premium online virtual class


Private Weekly Sessions 

Plans Renew Every 90 Days


Upgrade To A Pro Plan 

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