Publication Ethics

The core area in open access publication process is to maintain the ethics and values. The participants who are involved in the entire publication process have a valuable task to safeguard the ethics and values of open access publication. We work hard in order to verify the information from the author and to deliver quality articles to public. ARTA is committed to provide dynamic peer review process and maintains ethical standards in publication process. We ensure that authors, reviewers and editors understand the publication ethics so that, high quality and innovative information may reach the public.

ARTA oversees peer reviewed articles in order to assure that it is done impartially and professionally so that high quality articles will be delivered to the speech and language community.

The following are the responsibilities of each individual who are involved in the entire stage of the publication process so that quality works gets authorized among the researchers, students and other audiences.

Author’s responsibilities: The author submitting his article for open access publishing has to ensure that his/her work is original and submitting it for the first time. Re used research materials will not be accepted for publication.

Reviewer’s responsibilities: The reviewer should provide and maintain high quality standard during the peer review process. Reviewers should be from the same field of research as work done by the authors.

Publisher’s responsibilities: The publisher of an open access publication should ensure that the journal/article meets the quality norms and highlight the importance of the research in the field of the study. The published information should provide evidence and a change to share with the public.

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