Purchase Order Processing


Purchase Order Invoice Processing


1.) Transparency –  When you submit a purchase order we can validate your institution (entity), and provide you with our company’s entity information. We believe that transparency is important for any business transaction and as such we will agree with your terms of your purchase order agreement. (See our terms here)

2.) Discounts – Having your entity’s contact information on file, we will track transactions with your institution, across multiple locations (worldwide) for incentivized enrollment opportunities. 

3.) Streamlined – Funding is fast and volume discounts apply on participant enrollments.

Streamline Payment and Scheduling:

1.) Once the Purchase Order is submitted, we will reply to the Purchase Order within (2) days. 

2.) Service fees that exceed $5,000.00 require payment by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). In such cases, a Purchase Order shall first be submitted in writing and we shall within (2) days of the day of the Purchase Order respond to that Purchase Order confirming our interest on that Purchase Order and this shall constitute the acceptance of the Purchase Order and the supply of the services. 
3.) Training schedules may commence within (2) days of submitting the Purchase Order. 

Corporate Clients:


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