ARTA Certified Trainer – Accent Reduction Specialist

Why Become a Certified ARTA Trainer?

  • Teach and Earn money through the ARTA website.
  • Network with other teachers. Mentor new students.
  • We handle the advertising.
  • We handle the billing.
  • We will feature a new teacher every month in our monthly newsletter.
  • Improve your teaching skills.
  • Discounts fees on quarterly seminars.
  • Attract more students.
  • Gain credibility. Get verified too.
  • Teach from the comfort of your home or office computer.
  • Be up to date on our resource center.
  • Join a community of teachers just like you.


Become a ARTA Certified Teacher and Teach Online in your Regional Area.

Screened certified ARTA teachers

We have developed a teacher certification program that we feel better prepares current and new instructors in the field of Voice and Speech.

Online  24×7 teaching

Now you can recruit new students from the comfort of your home or office. Due to the overwhelming response of ARTA teachers registering with ARTA, we now offer a certification for any teacher who wishes to apply and meets the criteria.  Certifications in your field of expertise are welcomed but not required  to qualify.  Enrollment is currently being offered Free for a limited time. Please allow 1-3 days for processing your application form. Only ARTA applicants who meet the teacher credentials criteria will be considered. Teachers who are certified and carefully screened live experts who hold certifications and/or degrees in related subjects including; voice training, singing, ESL, linguistics, English, TOEFL, acting, speech pathology, coaches, trainers, instructors, corporate trainers and select undergraduates from universities.

Extensive certification process

ARTA teachers must complete a rigorous application and certification process. They must have 5 plus years teaching experience, display mastery of their subject, a pre screening application for m, and demonstration of Live audio/video teaching skills in the voice and speech field, via the ARTA live video learning site.

Apply for certification

Secure quality sessions

A.R.T.A. offers the highest quality standards of technology and training expertise, with an dynamic state of the art online classroom whereby all sessions can be recorded for supervision. A teacher only sees the student (if he selects this option)?and no personal information is exchanged between teachers and students, ever.

Librarians and HR Partners:

Teachers that have taken ARTA training tell us that the tips and techniques learned as part of ARTA professional development have made them more effective in their in-person classes.

Find out about ARTA in your area; email us

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