Accent Reduction Class Testimonials:


Indian-American IT Professional



Today, I had a great class learning about  the American accent and learning so much from your  school. Your trainer was very professional and fully grasped the technique he was teaching me. I honestly, would not have imagined I would finished the course with speaking no accent.

My entire family and friends give me compliments whenever I speak English with them now. Best of all, my children, don’t correct my pronunciation any longer and that makes me so proud. I was impressed with your trainer’s passion for teaching and the ARTA method. It gave me the confidence I needed to communicate effectively, particularly while working at my American work place.  I am relieved that it is one less thing to worry about when interviewing for new jobs.

When I began the accent class, I thought there was little to no chance that I was ever able to lose my accent.  However, I have not only changed my mind, but I could hear and feel my accent changing after I was mid way through the course and by the end of the classes, I see that with good instruction and a little perseverance, I am on my way to completely changing my accent, for ever. Wow, I never thought this would happen to me.  I truly am glad that I worked with you guys, and am for ever grateful for your method.  Thank you for your patience and supportive environment.

I have finally achieved something that I was missing all these years. I know I need to keep practicing daily, but perfect practice makes perfect and I am curious and motivated now that I know what to look for when correcting my mistakes. Today, I feel like the confidence I was lacking when speaking. Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Cindy Lau: Designer:

Asa spouse in retrospect, accent training with the ARTA has allowed me to connect on a deeper level, when communicating with people at my work and socially.  I have learned more about English communication in this course than all of my formal school years growing up in Philippines.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found this English language program, and now have the confidence to seek new social interactions for expressing myself.  Through the accent reduction training, I have met my challenges of English pronunciation head on, and can honestly say, I can’t imagine anyone doing without it. With those I have met, I have been able to build stronger relationships by communicating not just ideas, but also feelings, and subtle nuances of thought. This way of speaking English has opened up a whole new interest in my life.

Before, I felt shy when speaking to others, I didn’t want to have to repeat due to embarrassment if they didn’t understand me.  Now, I know that I have more control over my accent and language skills and have learned how to “turnoff and on” my accent in those professional situations. I made the right decision to attend the accent training program, and I continue to practice the techniques I have learned routinely in the future. ARTA makes it easy, and that is what a good program does.  I don’t feel as if I’m doing a technique, I feel more like I am asserting my true voice with confidence. I strongly support the importance and work of the ARTA Method and your trainers commitment to teaching with passion. They changed my life.

I still connect on a daily basis with the speaking habits I have learned while learning at ARTA.Since joining last February, It has been a very positive and encouraging environment. For foreign and non-native English speakers -I encourage you to try this great resource; you will be happy you did.For other students, who don’t get to practice their English as much, it is a great way to learn spoken English. Kudos to the ARTA Method and it’s team of speech trainers!”

Russian-American Physician

ARTA is an excellent accent reduction program, with first rate accent coaches and trainers. I especially need to improve my accent and pronunciation in English. I have been greatly impacted from this method with my visits to patients. The accent reduction method helped in detecting mistakes which I as a non-native English speaker, have had to live with for many years, until now.

Pronouncing English words with the accent reduction trainer, it was demonstrated the exact manner to pronounce specific sounds (or units), and the trainer went beyond the basic level of instruction of placing the lips and tongue and other articulators and using muscles in my throat, that I was not used to using before in my first language. I learned to pause and to make more intonation patterns when speaking with the American accent.Patients now understand everything I say, and I have the confidence of an advanced English speaker.  I would say this technique is truly a”relaxed way to speak” the American accent, while learning accent reduction.

So, my opinion is that you ARTA is a genuine and honest program of qualified and effective trainers. I believe they will help you in all areas of communication and reducing your accent if you put in the time to learn it. You will, in my opinion, be happy you did. Here’s to your success.

Yours truly,
Boris Z., MD

Latino Student

I wanted to write a quick note the say thank you for the wonderful accent class. The trainer you provided, worked with me intensely and I was very encouraged by their effort they put into every class. They really showed their desire to teach me everything I was doing wrong and how to correct it.  To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure about learning accent reduction in an online with the ARTA Method at the beginning, because I thought I had to be more computer savvy, when I saw the online trial class, I didn’t see anything different and I decided it was very effective.

To my surprise, it worked! I now speak English clearly and more confidently than I ever have before.  Sometimes when I speak English, the trainers voice is in my head correcting my pronunciation.

Thank you ARTA for your wonderful program in accent training. I am very impressed and pleased with the results you gave to me. The skills and confidence I have now with spoken English, was worth it, and I recommend the ARTA Method to anyone who wishes to reduce their accent.

Take care,
Mary Hernandez

Russian Couple in Los Angeles

Whenever I have thought about taking a pronunciation class before.  However, my husband and I realized we were having trouble being understood by our American colleagues.  We learned for the first time about intonation and linking words with stress and emphasis. ARTA told us things which I haven’t been told before about how my accent sounds to others.It is very helpful to finally know this technique, so when we begin a conversation with American friends, we can follow the simple rules to improving our pronunciation and within minutes we are getting respect more easily.

TheARTA Method is amazingly simple to use. In the classroom, we were able to visually see and physically control the shape of sounds when we spoke American in English.  Also, working in a small group, we were able to get the attention we needed and see other people mistakes and how they were corrected.  Remembering to speak in a”relaxed” way, outside of the classroom was possible, whenever I focused on my newly learned speech patterns. Keeping up with the daily pronunciation practice was no trouble at all, since I speak English all day long at work.  Learning accent reduction is a skill that I still practice when I’m alone driving my car. Now, the technique has become my own way of speaking and I don’t have to be so conscious about it like I was in the beginning.

Taking this course was well worth the investment. I learned cultural communication that has benefited me as anew American citizen in the United States. I highly recommend thisEnglish pronunciation class to others. It has been a pleasure to work with the people at ARTA.  They are a highly talented and passionate group of instructor sand I definitely would work with them again if I needed to. Thanks again for all your help and patience in working with me.

Natalia & Alex

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