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The ConverSAID self-paced program is designed for those who do not live in the immediate vicinity of an ARTA training center but wish to access the contents of training. The program offers interactive self-paced courses through an online 12-month modular format. This delivery option will benefit self-paced students who would like to access their course lectures from a mobile device, or a desktop computer and internet connection.

The Self-Paced program follows an academic calendar with spring, summer and fall terms, and therefore, Live sessions may be scheduled twice a trimester during the first week of the month for a 4-week term. A typical Self-Paced course includes pre-recorded streaming video (or in some rare cases audio) lectures completed over a 12-month period. Course one-on-one sessions must be completed in 30-Day sequence unless there are approved extensions on courses.

After signing up for a paid Membership level, self-paced students will receive their private Assessment from their profile login page. The major benefits of the interactive self-paced format are regular, consistent teacher-to-student interaction, one-on-one interaction, and classroom-like structure that encourages critical based thinking and customized training for self-paced learners. Self-Paced courses typically include the following elements:

  • Self Enrollment Periods: Enrollment periods will precede each of the trimester terms in fall and spring, and prior to the summer module.
  • 4 Week Live Training: Self-Paced courses are offered over 4 trimesters. and one 4-week module per summer. Students can choose dates from a pre-planned live training schedule.
  • Discussion Boards: Self-Paced courses have discussion incorporated into the course to allow students to encourage each other and work through core concepts together.

    The Live one-on-one sessions accelerate progress, interaction with the teacher, and an on-going knowledge base for each student.

  • Classroom Structure, Course Assignments and Grading: Each course will be fully completed within the 12-month period. The trainers will provide a monthly task of activities including, reading transcripts, attending live sessions and asynchronous (pre-recorded) lectures to guide students in the self-paced process. In addition, your assigned trainer will be monitoring your improvement and be providing timely feedback on activities throughout the course.

  • Quiz Submissions: Occasionally, your trainer will require you to take a quiz. In order to complete quizzes you will first need to mark your assignment/activities as complete before you answer and track your responses.

    Each self-paced course includes all materials:

  • A course Assessment, which measures phonetic progress, (segmental), and speech intonation (prosody) that further maps dynamics of speech.
  • Course materials: pdf transcripts, PowerPoint slides, .mp4 recordings, multiple choice quizzes, etc. customized by the trainer, based on the results of your initial Assessment.
  • Streaming video lectures, taught by ConverSAID Certified Trainers

*Members are strongly encouraged to participate in any live training sessions to supplement and accelerate learning.

Levels of Membership

Lite Level. The Lite Level may be completed entirely by self-paced material requirement, though students are welcome to enroll in live training sessions (after students receive their Assessment results). In addition to choosing a live training package, the participants self-paced online training supports training with substantive interactive listening and speaking tasks, learning resources and opportunities of guided feedback. 

Every 4 weeks in the trimester participants may elect to enroll or schedule live sessions, which are designated as Fall 1 and 2, Winter 1 and 2, or Spring 1 and 2. After the first 4-week period is complete a self-paced member will be automatically renew for enrollment for the next 30 day period.

Pro. Pro level self-paced courses include additional pre-recorded streaming video lectures (asynchronous) with the exact same lectures given in the Lite level course, as well as additional transcripts, audio recordings, and quizzes. Students may opt to upgrade to a Live training package during self enrollment periods before each term begins. Like the Lite level self-paced program, the Pro level self-paced program allows for live training sessions to be used in a 4-week term each fall (Fall 1 and 2), winter (Winter 1 and 2) and 4-week terms in spring (Spring 1 and 2).

Master. Some Master courses will be completed with the exact same lectures as the Pro level course, with additional pre-recorded streaming video lectures, (asynchronous), particularly in the Teacher Training program. Like the Lite and Pro level self-paced courses, all Master self-paced course students may elect to take live training sessions, synchronous as well as asynchronous sessions in 4-week blocks. There are also some asynchronous courses that qualify as Teacher Training.

Arranged live training sessions are also available to all students (on Lite level and above) who need certain courses not offered regularly. Contact the program manager to arrange these special courses.

When any other course or topics are not offered during the trimester, and the course is requested, it may be completed through an arranged course upon request to program manager. It is our commitment to students that they will be able to finish their level of study in a systematic manner. If a certain course is requested to that is not offered in the ConverSAID modules, we will work with you to facilitate your need. However, if the course is offered in a module, students are required to enroll in the course as a first choice.

Technology Requirements for ConverSAID Learning

Students fulfilling their courses through pre-recorded streaming video must have access to a working computer with the following minimum requirements:
Broadband internet connection of at least 1mbps or more (recommended)
Speakers or operable headphone jack in order to listen to audio
Monitor with minimum of 800×600 resolution (1028×780 or higher recommended)
Word processing program (i.e. MS Word, Notepad, Wordpad, Pages, etc.)
Available battery life of three or more hours, or connection to power in order to view each lecture

Beginning Your Self-Paced Courses

A new student seeking to begin taking classes through self-paced must complete the following:

  • Complete and create an account to sign up to a membership level. The sign up form will be your gateway to your login and once completing the self-paced program enrollment, you will be given immediate access to your program.
  • Once you login with your username and password, you will be confirmed for an initial Assessment with your purchase although alternate times may be requested for rescheduling, as for all live training sessions from your membership profile page.

    Time to Complete the Membership Level Programs

Lite Level – 12 months from first enrollment.
Pro – 12 months from first enrollment.
Master – 12 months from first enrollment.

The same time schedules apply to the respective communication programs.

Individual Assessments and live sessions must be completed on or prior to the next month date at the end of the 30-Days (4 weeks). If you need a 15-day extension, you may request one in writing prior to the course expiration date for a $68 fee. A second and final 30-day extension may be granted for an additional $68 fee. There are no extensions to this timeframe except in extraordinary circumstances.

Students Taking Self-Paced Courses

Students may complete courses for their program leading to a Certificate of Completion. Though students enrolled in a Master level program may complete self-paced sessions, we strongly encourage students to ensure their self-paced training success with regularly attended live training sessions during self-paced course training.

Free Trial level Students

Free Trial level students may have an opportunity to attend course lectures but may not participate in class discussions, ask questions, participate in graded quizzes, or purchase live training sessions unless otherwise stated by the trainer.
√ A full version of features and reporting available with a 14-Day trial. 

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