“Travis is changing the approach of communication and business!

ARTA is a new way to service customers that is respectful, intelligent and extremely effective. Travis “speaks with intention” that resonates with entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals who want to take their business to the next level. Travis is has changed the approach of customer service teams and business!”

Reginald S., Advertising Advantage

 The most honest and powerful speaker we have ever had on our stage. Travis has spoken at our conferences and he has absolutely blown our audiences away. His approach is so impactful in the world of customer service and so truthful, it’s exactly what our every CEO, Sales Executive, Entrepreneur and Customer Service Agent needs to hear. He doesn’t just deliver a truthful message, he teaches his audience how they too can get the results that he outlines. We hired him without hesitation to come into our company and he has completely transformed our sales people, process, culture and results. He’s one of the best speakers I have ever seen.”

Kelly M., Director, Universal Talent

“Travis was rated the #1 speaker among all of our team. If you haven’t heard Travis’s approach on stage, you are in for a real treat. His approach is so new now in a politically correct world of customer service agent strategies as well as some of the most precise ideas I have ever used. Travis is destined to be one of, if not, the most sought-after speakers in the business world today.”

Thomas L.  Director of Business Affairs


Travis was a hit at our seminar! He offers a new and refreshing approach to customer service.  His valuable content, mixed with his honest and expressive style, makes him a speaker I’d recommend for anyone who wants to share their message without being frustrated and boring.

Kris K., Founder, Renewable Enterprises, Inc.


Give your group the ConverSAID Training — it will change their customer service approach for the better.

How many speakers messages have you heard that were memorable? What made them special? You resonated with them on multiple levels that their message has become a mindset.

ARTA founder Travis James’s fresh, unique, and inspiring talks and workshops make audiences determined, thoughtful — and rethink how they view their customer service work. Audience members often tell him afterwards that the “ConverSAID mindset was really a “powerful tool” or that “You’ve given me a whole new outlook” on how to help customers.”

Travis will help your team:

  • Understand how traditional “customer service” attitudes and “customer service” approaches create frustration, dissatisfaction, and rejection — and learn to change these approaches immediately

  • Tap into their inherent humanness to create trust and open expressiveness with customers and colleagues

  • Unblock any discomfort they may feel about presenting themselves and their services to new and existing customers


Your AWESOME! Travis, your presentation today on the ConverSAID Mindset was by far one of the best presentations we have ever had. I truly believe that what you do is transforming the way the world does business. Not only have I personally felt the shift in my approach, but I know my clients and my agents now have a new foundation to truly build their businesses by communicating in a more “intentional” way, avoiding all the old and inactive approaches that many of us still deliver. Thank you for supporting our customer support center with your insights today.”


Meryl S., Director, Visionary Spaces 


Travis, thank you for speaking to our group of 75 Customer Service Agents.

You taught in them ideas they never have thought about before that can use to improve their team’s ability to virtually double their productivity, without working longer. You were dynamic, intentional, and challenged everyone’s approach. I would even go as far as to say that you were one of the most compelling speakers we have ever had. We look forward to having you come back again!”

Cary N., Executive Forum Inc.


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