Why Choose Us?

As compared with other training methods which are concerned only about teaching content, ARTA facilitates critical-thinking based education which emphasizes that all will succeed if all become masters of their craft.

  1. 1:1 Instructors – Certified teacher for the term of your enrollment.
  2. Discount for Longer Term Packages
  3. Certificate program: A rigorous training program that our staff must pass before the teaching in the classroom.
  4. Passionate Teachers who love teaching people and love their job.
  5. Generous membership program with all Advanced training sessions.
  6. Combination of Online or In Person Training or (Both) to meet your demanding schedule.
  7. Over 23 years practical experience (since 1998) = Highly Experienced Staff.
    Yes. Our teachers have been with us that long, and then some.
  8. Online Classroom: (if you choose this option) Nothing to download and you can review your class material. Download the classroom app to take class material on the go.
  9. No commitment for signing up, or obligation to continue after the first session.
  10. Satisfaction Guarantee.

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