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Why attend Indian accent / dialect coach instruction?

Indian accent / dialect coach instruction offers a wealth of language skills and challenges. Indian accent training techniques are delivered to you Live Online with your personal Indian accent / dialect coach . The techniques learned, will aid the Indian accent / dialect coach student in acquiring a more authentic accent. Indian Accent / Dialect coach classes can be taken at a Beginner or Intermediate level. For professional actors, enrolling in the Indian Accent / Dialect coach course can improve the overall acting performance in your production. For professional actors, the Indian Accent / Dialect Coach Training Course challenges men and women in a live interactive online experience. Performing an accent for a stage or screen role takes the guidance of a professional dialogue / dialect coach.

Accent Reduction Training Association ’s Indian Accent / Dialect coach course is ideal for the working actor and students of acting. While working with your personal live online Indian accent / dialect coach you’ll get learn a hands-on practical technique for acquiring your Indian accent.


Accent Reduction Training Association’s, Indian Accent / Dialect Coaching will provide you with:

A clear understanding of the main concepts and skills for acquiring your Indian accent

Greater awareness of the culture you are representing in your performance

Improved understanding of the common errors and pronunciation solutions involved in learning an accent in Indian

Practical strategies for conversation skills and speaking more effectively with counterparts while studying at the Accent Reduction Training Association in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Who should attend the Accent Reduction Training Association’s, Dialogue Coach Class?

An Accent Reduction Training Association Indian Accent / Dialect coach course will be of benefit to you if you are:

Currently working on a acting role

Experiencing the challenges of acquiring your Indian accent

Establishing a broad acting repertoire

Course description for the dialogue coaching class:

Indian accent / dialect coach courses include:

Overview of pronunciation, social and language skills

Indian pronunciation: vowels, consonants, double vowels, intonation and rhythm

Monitoring and listening to speaking styles

Communication styles when speaking different dialects

Challenges and solutions for Indian accent / dialect coach acquisition

Indian Accent Reduction Training Association’s, accent / dialect coach

Your Accent Reduction Training Association’s, accent / dialect coach will be assigned to you following the results of your diagnostic analysis according to your goals, objectives and areas for improvement.

* Please note that Accent Reduction Training Association reserves the right to choose an alternate course trainer, and reschedule classes when conflicts arise. In each instance, we will notify any pre-registered students in advance, through email, phone, or other contact methods that you supplied at the time of registration.

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