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Would you like Founder, Travis James to coach you or your team personally?

Would you prefer to work directly with the founder, Travis James? Request to have a private, one-on-one coaching session with Travis James.

Travis James will discern your speech and communication challenges from his 25 years of coaching — the viewpoint of ConverSAID that helps you achieve clarity in your communication goals by seeking intention behind your words.

Travis James has founded this way of ConverSAID, and you’ll have direct access. He’ll be your guide and mentor you as he gives you personal attention and perspective.

Here are some of the challenges that people have recently brought to Travis James…

 Over the phone customer service agents

  • “I’m still struggling with making the intention a permanent part of my speaking. I’d like to schedule some time with you so I can bring you my selling challenges and you can fast track my learning process.”
  • “I have a IT team that’s struggling with client relations. How can I get them to adopt the American Accent and be more effective in person and over the phone?”

Face to face talking

  • “I’m old fashioned and want to learn everything I know from the traditional classroom approach — but it’s now changing. Can you help me change with the times?”
  • “I’m already a top level performer. I’m looking for you to take me to the next level in terms of exceeding my performance and communication goals this year.”

Intentional Speaking

  • “I’m not happy with the reaction others have when I communicate myself to them. I’m getting along with others at work, but I know that my social interactions need a makeover. I want to hire you to help me improve that.”
  • “I have a important presentation coming up and I want to make it a success. I need advice on how to engage my audience and deliver my message from your perspective.”
  • “I want to position myself as a trusted professional in my company, and engage my colleagues to reflect the authentic ideas to advance my career.”

Do any of these challenges apply to you? A private consultation with Founder, Travis James is your chance to get to the bottom of the obstacles that are holding you back from reaching your professional and personal goals.

Here’s what you’ll get with when you schedule a private consultation with Travis James…

  • He will identify the barriers that are limiting your speech and communication success.
  • Then you’ll focus on and review critical aspects of your speech and communication mishaps.
  • Then you’ll get his feedback along with a customized proposal with steps that you can execute right away.
  • Also, you’ll get a transcript of your session so you can review your session at your convenience. You’ll be able to focus 100 percent on your discussion, without needing to take notes. And you can ask all the questions you like.

Thank You! 

Once you send it in, we will be contacting you shortly. 

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