Accent Reduction Training Association (ARTA)

ARTA Method

Accent Reduction training is a multidimensional process. At its core, accent reduction is a coordination of speech motor control. But the coordination of accent reduction is more than just the accent; it also involves years of addressing the barriers and habits developed by having a foreign accent. The ARTA method targets both improved speech and accent reduction management. The goals of ARTA training are:

  • Learn new speaking skills that facilitate fluent speech
  • Reduce number and severity of accent barrier moments
  • Foster a proactive attitude toward improving speech
  • Practice learned techniques in real-life situations
  • Encourage understanding and healthy acceptance of accents
  • Manage stress and barriers related to accent reduction and speaking
  • Increase self-confidence

Benefits of ARTA Training

Accent Reduction Training Associations’ courses will provide you with:

  • A clear understanding of the ARTA method main speech concepts and skills for improving your accent
  • Greater assimilation of American culture and social etiquette
  • Improved understanding of the common errors and pronunciation solutions involved in establishing fluent sounding English
  • Practical strategies for conversation skills and speaking more effectively with American colleagues while being coached and mentored by an ARTA certified trainer.

Popular Cities Served:

Philadelphia | San Francisco | Washington D.C. | San Diego | Boston | 
Austin | LasVegas |  Phoenix | Minneapolis | Indianapolis | Portland | Seattle | 
Detroit | Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Baltimore | Houston | Sacramento | New York City | 
Dallas | Orlando | Miami/Fort Lauderdale Los Angeles | Raleigh


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