How Does it Work?

We offer two types of subscriptions - Lite & Pro. Each type starts with a private Assessment and immediate access to your library of LMS resources, tools for up to 6 months. By subscribing to a plan, you have the benefit of weekly live lessons starting at $79.

Start Lite & Go Pro Level Training

The Value of Your Initial Assessment 


 Comprehensive training
        and feedback

 Segmental and Prosody
        assessment results

Customized live training
        recommended plan and

Phonetic diagnosis of
among other

 Better understanding of
tonal awareness and
        intonation patterns

The Value of Your Weekly Coaching Session

Everything in L1, plus: 

 Schedule weekly training;
       trainer-trainee coaching

 Follow-up sessions,
       reducing the need for
       advanced reassessment

 Live personalized sessions
 with coaching and prep for
       professional contexts

 Personalized training to
overcome the barriers  

Phonetic sounds for
       the American accent

The Value of Your Continuous Learning 

Everything in L2, plus: 

 Advanced live trainings for
       business contexts

 A flexible monthly learning
        plan and time schedule

 Comprehensive lessons
        with added audio
        recordings and LMS portal

 Deep dive into speech 
       modeling with focus on
       American phonemes

 Speaking with intention
       confidence, communication         and persuasive speech 

The Value of Measuring Results  in ConverSAID LMS

Everything in L3, plus: 

 Newly Improved and
        updated monthly activities

 Long-term tracking and
        Progress reporting

Trackable features
       improvement with our

 Responsive recording tools
        for continuous monitoring
        and practice

 LMS full-feature tools for
       continuous learning

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