FAQ’s – Accent Reduction

We encourage all students to participate in live sessions in order to maximize their experience. However, if you miss a session, need to review, or are unable to attend a particular session, you also have the opportunity to watch the recording at your convenience.

Membership levels are available to subscribe and may be upgraded at anytime.  Customize your training with One-on-One instruction after your initial ARTA Assessment is completed and your results are provided after your private session.  Factors that affect cost are largely based on the degree to which you wish to accelerate your improvement with live monthly training sessions.  

Yes. You will receive from your certified trainer a diagnostic report of your speech level and course syllabus to improve. The assessments may be taken anytime during the semester  to measure progress.

Although grammar and vocabulary building are likely to be enhanced during the course, it is not the focus for ARTA Training. An Intermediate to Advanced level of English proficiency is required to participate in all programs. 

We celebrate the diversity of all cultural backgrounds. We don’t impose or force anyone to change or deny their unique individuality. We strive to balance traits of a students vocal characterization, while providing tools to improve short comings.

Yes. You may review with your certified trainer a diagnostic report of your  Assessment. The ARTA Assessment will be used as a road map to improvement. The results are charted and compared at multiple intervals throughout the training.

The ConverSAID Syntax (CS) is a short hand to reading phonetic sounds which has proven to be an internationally recognized method of transcribing sounds, much like the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).  Since language changes over time, the ConverSAID Syntax reflects consistent, modern shifts of spoken English among native born Americans.

You are never too late to learn something new. Generally, the learning curve is higher among students who have been speaking in English speaking countries since adolescence. Our goal has always been to provide practical techniques that are easy to practice and implement at any age.

Our Accent Reduction Certified Trainers and coaches undergo a rigorous training process in which they must pass a lengthy oral and written examination, demonstrating their understanding and mastery of ARTA accent reduction principles and vocal pedagogy. Teacher Certification classes are held year round.

ARTA-(ARS) Certified Instructors have taught the ARTA Method of Accent Reduction for an average of 10 years.

Trainers have qualifications, but are not limited to credentials in the following areas of study:

+   ARTA Trained & Certified
+   Hold’s a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degrees in Speech Pathology, Linguistics,
Drama or English.
+   Native English speakers
+ Professionally trained dialect coaches, vocal coaches, broadcasters (tv&radio), speech pathologists and corporate consultants, among others.

You will notice improvement in the first session. After, there is no optimum program length. Longer  exposure to training is better, which is why our membership is year round. Core factors that influence the student are:

+ Frequency and duration of sessions
+ Motivation of student
+ Consistency of attendance
+ Ability to imitate sound: listening skills




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