Communication Experts

We are a communications consulting firm, specializing in accent reduction among foreign speakers within the corporate and private sector. 

Having empowered thousands of international speakers to overcome the discrimination barrier, we are dedicated to helping individuals discover their communication potential. In doing so, we hope to open the doors of opportunity among working professionals.  

Our Mission

Our goal is for our clients to develop the necessary communication skills to enable them to function more efficiently and confidently in their interpersonal and business relations, thus promoting a more rewarding social and professional life.

Whether you come from a small village in West Africa or from an urban European city, your speech and accent may be a stumbling block in your communication. This is especially true if you are in a working environment among speakers of backgrounds that vary from your own native language. This greatly affects your ability to influence and relate your ideas to others. Whether it’s a job interview or leading a team meeting at work, our services gives you the confidence and personalized training to help you meet your goals.

To accomplish this, our clients learn communication techniques proven successful through out the world. In the long-term, we hope to bridge the gap of cross-cultural communication, allowing people of all backgrounds, equal opportunity to thrive and succeed personally and professionally in American culture.  

Individual Training

Work one to one with our teaching professionals. We have a list of classes to choose from. We will cater to your needs by designing a program that promotes effectiveness in the workplace through concise and direct communication. Our programs are customized for clients to work with the terminology they use on the job.

In an expanding global market we must communicate ideas to people of various backgrounds. However, this does not have to be a stumbling block. You can apply our strategies and techniques immediately to start building effective and rewarding business and personal relations today.

When you need to change your Accent with the most effective method available today, ARTA trainer's can help.

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