Teaching Accent Reduction

Teach for a Licensed Conversaid Center

If you have passed the complete Conversaid teacher training, you are eligible to teach at a licensed center. Visit our Teaching Opportunities Board to see if there is an opening in your area. If you do not see a posting for your area, check the Conversaid Class Locator to contact nearby licensed center directors and let them know of your interest.

Apply to Open Your Own Licensed Conversaid Center

If there are no directors near you, you may want to apply for a non-exclusive trademark license to open your own center and become an entrepreneur! We cannot guarantee that a license will be granted, but we will consider alternate locations that you propose. For more information on licensing, see Opening a Center.

Bring Conversaid into Schools and Language Schools Settings

You may bring the licensed Conversaid program into schools and language centers, including private, public, and outreach settings such as a Head Start program. Conversaid grants trademark licenses to individuals and schools, so that the educational benefits of the program can reach all age levels. For more information, please see Conversaid in Your School.

A Note about Licensing?

Conversaid is a program which may be used only with the permission of Live Faculty LLC. Without a license, no individual or organization may share the exercises, materials, movements, activities, etc., in any situation where both a fee is being charged (or paid) and where students of any age are present. Speech therapists, elementary school teachers, and many others find the Conversaid curriculum enhances their work with both adults and children. Please contact us to discuss any settings in which you would like to share the program with a license. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Conversaid licensing.

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