ARTA open access publishing house says that, editorial members are crucial for maintaining the quality of the journal and they are considered an integral part of the open access publishing. Editor or editor-in-chief is responsible for the peer-review process. Articles submitted by the authors are evaluated by the editorial members first and once accepted it will be sent for the peer-review process.

Editor guidelines and responsibilities:
Editors are responsible to assign the articles to the reviewers. Editors should select two-three reviewers who are sound in their respective research field for reviewing the article in the respective journals.

Editors should check that reviewers have submitted the review comments on time in order to continue the publication process.

Editors should contribute editorial / article for the upcoming issue.

Editors should check the quality of the article. As the quality of the published material is of high priority along with the peer-review, and editor’s own comments. Also, the editor plays an important role in re-writing submissions, so that quality work gets published.

ARTA publishes all types of research / review, case reports, short communications, letter to editors, and editorials. Our editors ensure that only quality work gets published, and remains available in the open-access domain.

ARTA welcomes ideas and suggestions from the editors for improving and providing quality materials to the public.

Editors should maintain confidentiality and should follow the content protection ethics for all the articles submitted to ARTA open access publishing.
ARTA will acknowledge all the contributing editors who actively participated in the ARTA open access publishing.

Editorial Policy 
The core aim of the editorial policies is to defend and support the journals veracity and quality according to the reader’s interest. ARTA open access publishing offers ample editorial freedom to all the editorial board members with the right to decide journals content and it does not interfere with the assessment process of articles. We are positioned to meet research ethics, copyright protection, maintain transparency and respect the privacy of contributing individuals such as editors, reviewers and authors. The primary aim of an editor should be to strive for the quality of the content, confirm peer review process and publish on time.

Editors should see whether the articles published in all the Journals of the ARTA online publishing are based on the relevancy, integrity, new ideas, potential interest, completeness, clarity and ethics. Also assure that editorial decisions for all the submitted articles are not affected by race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, personal issues or political beliefs. 

Interested to be an Editor for ARTA Open Access Journal? 
If you are willing to be a part of our growing publishing group as editorial board member for our journals, kindly email us your CV along with statement of interest to: [email protected].

We will respond to you within 48hrs. ARTA will receive constant support for the editors who involved in supporting Open Access via ARTA Publishing Group, and help us in achieving our goal in the advancement of accent reduction / modification in the speech and language community worldwide. 

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