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  (ARTA) – Accent Reductionist Teaching Accreditation

(GSI) – Group:
Speech Instructor Certification

(CVMC) – Communication Management Consultant Certification

(AAT) – Accent
Analyzer Training Certification

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Weeks 1–3

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ARTA Exam Preparation

We recommend that you allocate approximately three to six months to study for the exam, depending on your professional background, education and experience. With candidates coming from a broad range of backgrounds, it’s important to plan out a study strategy that can increase your chances of success on the certification exam.

Preparation is key. ARTA recommends that you allocate 2 to 4 months to study for your certificate. 

To assist you in finding available study materials and tailoring an exam-preparation program to your learning style, we provide a convenient tool on the Membership Web site.

To help candidates prepare for the exam, we have developed many study assistance programs and materials. To access these tools, visit login to your membership portal, choose your certification and click on the Study Assistance tab.

Study Mentor Program

The free Study Mentor Program keeps you on track with your studies for the ARTA Certification Exam through a convenient weekly email guiding you through the ARTA certification manuals and our recommended approach to exam preparation. Offered person-to-person, online formats, you’ll find one that easily fits into your study time line. Each weekly Study Mentor email includes an overview, what you will learn, next steps and helpful hints.

Exam candidate discussion Board

Interact with other exam candidates in an online for um created just for you. Post questions or comments, get study tips, reply to others, and read feedback from currently certified professionals. Gain access to the discussion boards through ARTA Membership page found in the Membership portal. 

Exam Review course

This course has long been a popular and effective way to study for the ARTA certification exams. The Exam Review Course can be taken in the comfort of your own home as an online course that offers a self-paced approach. We recommend taking this approximately one month prior to sitting for the ARTA exam.

Online diagnostic Practice tests

Offered in multiple versions, these online practice tests use questions that are similar to those found on the actual exam, giving you an idea of the testing for mat and what you can expect come exam day. The members-only for mat provides immediate feedback through annotated explanations. In addition, it gives you reference pages in the study materials to reinfor ce your learning. We recommend taking this approximately two weeks prior to sitting for the ARTA exam.

Transcribing Skills course

We developed this course after recognizing the great need to help exam candidates with the critical transcribing skills and notations needed to pass the ARTA Accent Reductionist Certification Exam. Since you are not allowed to bring a dictionary into exams, this has been a challenge for many. Learn how to perfor m essential transcriptions for effective transcribing and speech program design.

Educational Services team

If you have questions about purchasing study materials, certification requirements or exam dates, the ARTA Educational Services Team is standing by to help. Available Monday-Friday, 9.00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., simply send us an email.

For more information, please Contact Us.

did You Know…

You can now get study tips and gain insight, motivation and confidence from ARTA’s Exam Preparation login portal. Updated weekly by ARTA staff, visit our Membership link, to learn from others currently studying for the ARTA certification exam and take advantage of opportunities to get answers and share your own thoughts and experiences.


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