Bids and Pitching


If your company or business presentations depend upon winning new customers, ARTA can ensure that you and your team can communicate and present your vision in a dynamic and confidence building style. Your delivery of your bid or pitch should be as strong as your content. This customized training is aimed at rehearsing your Keynote presentation to ensure that you communicate your message with passion.

Each session focuses on your overall objective once your presentation is prepared. Your trainer will rehearse and direct it to maximize your pitch and make the most persuasive bid possible. Once one of our tutors guide your team through the rehearsal process you will know that you will be making the strongest choices and best impression possible ensuring your success.

Course Overview

Opening Remarks – get your customer’s attention and make a lasting impression.

  •          Delivering the opening statement
  •          Grasping your audience attention
  •          Taking control of your props

Personal Influence – centeredness, confidence and focus, to maintain your customer’s interest

  •          Breathing, Voice and Articulation – basic connection between body, mind
    and delivery
  •          Non-verbal Communication and style – developing an intuitive presence
  •          Use of propaganda – rhythm, resonance, stressing points and the pacing

Being in the Moment – creatively express your passion with a relaxed readiness

  •            Practice enunciation through spontaneity exercises
  •            Selling yourself from the first 10 seconds
  •            Deal with spontaneous outbursts and crisis management
  •            Use of Powerpoint – fundamental ideas for slides and keynote do’s and do
  •            Moving the audience to a call to action

In Closing – ensure the client remembers you and your key benefits

  •            What is the through line of your content?
  •            Closing confidently

The training can be delivered as an in-house one-day or half-day course for your team or you can book a tutor to coach on a one-to-one basis.


The costs for an on-site course per half day or per day plus travel expenses. Trainer and location expenses where applicable are additional.

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