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This business English course provides techniques for understanding business English and learning to listen to other  speakers of culturally diverse backgrounds. Topics for foreign born expatriates include communicating effectively over the telephone, conference calling, using a microphone, using your voice effectively, increasing intonation and voice dynamic.

In this course participants within your organization can gain valuable insights into how to best handle customer questions and objections over the phone.

If your Sales, Marketing, IT or other departments are commonly presenting and selling products or services over the telephone, then this course will focus on sharpening these skills for increased customer acquisition to foreign born professionals in a business setting.


•    Understand American idioms
•    Practical vocal dynamic exercises.
•    Develop a louder or deeper voice range.
•    Improve tone, support and placement; speak with confidence.

Vocal Delivery

•    Denote how style effects the voice and our image before your listeners.
•    Maintain effective and ineffective vocal technique and how to engage others.
•    Manage anxiety and voice tension.

The Reading of Business English

•    Examine the use of emotion when reading and analyzing texts.
•    Improve articulation and clarity while using a microphone.
•    Understand rhythm and pacing and how it affects listening.
•    Inject inspiration and realism into conversations.

Delivery of Business English Language

•    Work on American intonation (if necessary) and use of vocal appeal in presentations.
•    Invest and commit yourself to superior and your audiences ear for imperfections.
•    Present, practice and receive critique.

*This course can be taken online or in person.

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