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Expert communication is our goal, and we have been standing behind our clients for over a decade.

Objectives for Call Center Training programs include:

Improve and develop call center training techniques in areas of: accent reduction, voice training, presentation skills, public speaking and cross-cultural communication to improve customer relationships.

  • Increase satisfaction of customers and staff
  • Increase productivity due to lack of stress, reduced call time handling
  • Minimize managerial supervision due to complaints
  • Increase morale and self confidence among trainees
  • Improve advancement opportunities for employees

Measures of Success

  • Written reports of goals and improvements among trainees
  • Samples of before and after audio clips demonstrating improvement
  • Increase morale and confidence through course evaluations

The value to your call center will include:

  • More positive customer feedback
  • Increased responsiveness among trainees to customer requests
  • Better able to relate and manage customers questions
  • Instilled confidence among trainees
  • Freeing up managers time, due to lessening the need for supervision

Methodology and Options

  • Interview and assess trainees and their supervisor prior to initiating Call Center Training .
  • Observe trainee operations, identify current language skills and vocal demands required for voice calling duties.
  • Monitor customer/listener auto attendant audio message responses.
  • Identify gaps of oral communication deficiencies.
  • Analyze the areas for cultural communication and improvement.
  • Prescribe and train the most efficient and effective interactive techniques to improve individual trainees level of customer support.
  • Develop and train representatives in select markets, and analyze the recordings that are used to alert their managers.
  • Report progress of each trainee using the CRM to upper management.

Call Center Training:

We provide expert consultants on the “How To’s” for achieving effective communication skills for cross-cultural communication.

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