Communication Skills – Media Skills



When you are speaking to the public using mass media outlets as a journalist or a public person on camera or using a microphone, while speaking on a sound studio floor or onset of a television studio, ARTA can teach how to give an effective interview without making the amateur mistakes, so you can come through the interview while staying on point.

Media Skills are becoming more and more important in this day and age. We at some point will all have our “fifteen minutes of fame” and it is best to be prepared for it when it comes. The time is to start now and whether you want to start your own podcast or deliver a sweeping presentation for a weblog or teach a virtual classroom ARTA can give you the tools to succeed.

Enroll in a Media Skills course with ARTA, and jump start your career today.


  •         ARTA Media Skills course will provide you with:
  •         Improved confidence of a under prepared presentation
  •         Skills to deliver talking to the media with clarity
  •         Engage your listeners with a message focused and  expressive