IELTS Assessment (General Training) Prep by Speak-Well for Professional Recognition and Immigration Status.

IELTS is a proficiency test which assesses your English language ability in four language skill areas – listening, reading, writing and speaking. It can be for secondary study, tertiary, professional recognition or immigration reasons – under the choice or General Training or Academic module. 

IELTS Prep Course:

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Most foreign IELTS Prep candidates will mispronounce words on their exam and lose points and lower pass rate opportunities. Our candidate’s get well prepared with simulated questions IELTS Prep Training.

This course is focused on preparing our candidates responses to any question in your examination in a way that demonstrates a CLEAR command of SPEAKING ENGLISH, both in CLARITY and CONVEYANCE with concise PRONUNCIATION. The goal of this IELTS Prep course is to completely prepare you for the IELTS Prep questions.

IELTS Assessment Prep:


Please find below two tasks requiring multiple forms of writing for you to demonstrate your writing skills.

General Training Activity
Task 1 letter
Task 2 well structured essay


In the Speaking Test there are three differents sections for you to demonstrate how will you can express your ideas in a range of topics both personally and abstract using formal and informal language skills.

Assessment Criteria
There are four criteria used to assess both your written and spoken language skills.

Writing Speaking

Task Response

Coherence and Cohesion Fluency and Coherence
Grammatical Range and Accuracy Grammatical Range and Accuracy
Lexical Resource Lexical Resource


Each criteria assesses specific aspects of your language. There are described below.

Criteria: Task Response

General Training  
Writing Task 1 Writing Task 2
State the purpose of the letter. Have I answered all parts of the question?
Address the specific three bullet points in the exam question. Are my ideas relevant and appropriate to the topics at hand?
Is it the correct tone in the letter; ie, formal and informal? Have I developed my ideas sufficiently?
Have I written at least 175 words in the letter? Is my position on the topic clear?
  Is my conclusion rational or relevant?
  Have I written a minimum of 275 words?

Coherence and Cohesion

Coherence and Cohesion refer to proper organization of your response. Coherence refers to the logical answer and order of your ideas and sentences in your paragraph structure and entire essay. Cohesion specifically refers to language, showing the relationship among your points.

Criteria: Coherence and Cohesion

Have I developed my answer logically?
Have I organized my points logically into paragraphs?
Have I used appropriate linking words to show the relationship among my ideas and sentences?
Have I used appropriate reference words?

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Grammatical Range assesses the variety of sentence uses and accuracy measures the amount of errors in your writing and language spoken.

Criteria: Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Writing and Speaking  
Have I used a number of simple, compound and complex sentence types?  
Have I used a range of structures to convey modality, contions, active/passive, cause/effect and tenses?

Writing Speaking
How correct is my punctuation?
How is my usage of past/present tense?
What is my subject and verb agreement?
Can the assessor understand me even though I’ve made errors?

Lexical Resource

This vocabulary criteria assesses the proper use of terminology for a particular topic.

Criteria: Lexical Resource  
Writing and Speaking  
Are the words and phrases I’ve written appropriately used or accurate?
Do I have a range of terms to describe the topic?
Have I used correct word tenses?
Have I used some idiomatic expressions?


How is my spelling accuracy? How well can I speak about personal and familiar tasks?
How well can I talk about abstract topics?

Fluency and Coherence

How well you communicate and demonstrate your fluency and coherence. Assesses your speaking fluency, (rhythm), hesitation while logically organizing and connecting ideas to show how coherent your speech is when talking.

Criteria: Fluency and Coherence

Can I speak at length on a topic? Do I speak clearly and smoothly?
Have I organized my ideas logically? Have I used appropriate linking words?
Do I speak clearly and smoothly?  


How well you pronounce the English words including consonants; ie, (r and L) and vowels sounds as well as intonation and proper syllable / word stress and consonant blends like (pr, br, thr)…

Criteria: Pronunciation
Did you pronounce your words clearly and concisely?
Are you stress patterns familiar to the interviewer?
How well am I understood?
Is my tone of voice balanced and clear without sounding breathy?

* Please note that ARTA reserves the right to choose an alternate course trainer, and reschedule classes when conflicts arise. In each instance, we will notify any pre-registered students in advance, through email, phone, or other contact methods that you supplied at the time of registration. Schedule: IELTS Test Prep Seats limited.  

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