Personal Influence


This two-day course uses role play based meetings to improve your influence and impact in meetings.

Business meetings are an opportunity to express to other employees our effectiveness in presenting our key ideas; how we communicate them is essential to our personal and professional development.

Whether a board meeting, group presentation or an elevator pitch to potential clients, your presentation of self in everyday life is being observed. If you are not coming across as you intend to or find it to difficult to make your voice heard, this course will develop your listening and influencing skills to get the most out of those meetings.

Course Overview


•    Discuss characteristics of effective meetings.
•    Identify potential pitfalls that attendees face in meetings.
•    Brainstorm and demonstrate models of effective communication.

Fundamental Communication Skills

•    Introductions. Initial Impressions.
•    Roles – understanding how our status affects others.
•    Physicality – Voice and mannerisms – posture, breathing & vocal exercises.

Vocal Impact and Influence

•    Persuasive speech – explore how to influence your audience.
•    Develop active listening habits.
•    Addressing questions and responding to others.

Role-Play based Exercises

•    Delivery of content – Introductions and closings with your audience.
•    Taking questions – listening and reacting to others.
•    Meetings role-play – i.e., business meetings, client formal and informal

Using a variation of theater based exercise work combined with every day role play situations, this course will increase the confidence and open the awareness of attendees to achieve their personal and business objectives in meetings.
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