Vocal Impact


“Our team needed to respond verbally to situations quickly and with command which allowed us to dramatically cut down on the emergency response time. ARTA’s trainer gave us verbal communication techniques that worked fast.”  – 911 Firefighter – New York City

This two-day course encourages the participants to connect to their objective and focus themselves through use of their body and voice when communicating. The course will cover the use of body language and outlining of presentation topics.

In addition to examining how to coordinate the voice, the sessions will demonstrate techniques and strategies to increase vocal range to become a more dynamic presenter- when speaking publicly, pitching or presenting business ideas. On the second day, attendees will be asked to make a presentation for tutor evaluation and feedback.

Breath and Voice

•    Understand the laws of relaxation.
•    Practical breathing exercises.
•    Develop a full, resonant voice.
•    Improve tone, range, support and dynamics of the voice.

Body Mannerisms

•    Denote how posture effects the voice and our image before an audience.
•    Maintain effective and ineffective eye contact and how to engage others.
•    Manage anxiety and body tension when communicating.

The Reading of Text

•    Examine the use of emotion when reading and analyzing texts.
•    Improve articulation and clarity while expressing.
•    Understand rhythm and pacing.
•    Inject inspiration and realism into presentations.

Delivery of language

•    Work on anecdotes and use of comic appeal in presentations.
•    Invest and commit yourself to your content and your audience.
•    Presentation practice and critique.

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