Voice Work

Vocal pedagogy is one of ARTAs’ primary areas of focus during all training. Exploration of breathing, alignment, resonance, vocal variety, range, and tonal balancing aid the students. To that end, our goal is not just doing for the sake of doing, but to create honest expression free impulses of sound while communicating with others.

Specifically, actors may learn to connect their subtext with their inner monologue and align intention with objectives within the framework of their acting text.

Classical training may include more literal expression of imagery and use of body sculpting techniques to support sounds from a grounded and yet primal support mechanism within the use of diaphragmatic breathing. Extending one’s vocal dynamics is explored individually with each student’s instrument with focus on high, low, loud, soft, fast, slow, dynamics taught in a healthy way that will protect the voice while learning the mechanics of the voice as well as vocal pedagogy, all the while practicing safe and healthy techniques.

Small groups welcome or individual coaching.

  • Scene work
  • Monologues
  • Poems
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