ARTA Exam Day

  (ARTA) – Accent Reductionist Teaching Accreditation

(GSI) – Group:
Speech Instructor Certification

(CVMC) – Communication Management Consultant Certification

(AAT) – Accent
Analyzer Training Certification

Exam Preparation

The ARTA staff is available to answer your personal questions regarding exam preparation. Simply send us an email.

ARTA certification candidates are eligible for access to our reference portal and audio/video library. Get answers on industrytrends from highly qualified speech professionals with access torecorded classes, sample sound clips and severallibraries of information.

Exam day: What to expect

The certification exam is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to make fast and effective decisions within the professional scope of practice for the certification. Your performance will be influenced by your preparation, education, knowledge and experience, as well as your ability to take a multiple choice exam. In addition, the Accent Reduction Certification Exam also includes a practical component, with two written client simulations.

You have two options for taking the exam — traditional paper and pencil exams or Online-based Testing. Traditional paper and pencil exams are administered at approximately 21 locations, at least four times a year. Online-based Testing (OBT) is a more convenient method, enabling you to take the exam with one of numerous testing facilities throughout the year, rather than on a limited schedule. With OBT, you receive your test results within 3 days; whereas, with traditional pencil and paper exams test results typically take two to three weeks.

For more information on what to expect including exam content areas, testing for mat and scoring please contact us.

exam requirements

For all Exams:
• You must be at least 21 years of age.
• You must be pursuing or hold a four year B.A. (Bachelor’s degree) or ESL
 (English as a Second Language) certificate or graduate degree from a university.

You may sit for the live pencil and paper exam without proof of BA/ESL training, but you will not receive your test results until you provide current BA/ESL information. Candidates taking Online-based Testing, however, must hold a current BA/ESL certificate prior to registration.

To sit for the Communication Style & Vocal Management Consultant Certification Exam, in addition to the above requirements you must hold a current Accent Reduction Specialist, Group Speech Instructor or Accent Reductionist Professional & Certification; or an CCC-accredited state certification; or hold a four-year (bachelor’s) degree in communication or a related field. Registrants holding degrees in perfor ming arts or English may be required to submit documentation supporting completion of classroom-related coursework at the time of registration.

To sit for the Accent Reductionist Professional Certification Exam, in addition to the above requirements you must have completed 300-hours of work experience designing and implementing speech programs for primarily international individuals and/or non-native speakers, as documented by a qualified professional. You must also have completed 2-years towards a  (bachelor’s) degree in speech, language or related field; or a current ARTA Method  Communication & Voice Management Consultant Candidate; or a CCC-accredited state certification. Registrants must submit documentation that they meet the pre-requisites at the time of registration.

did You Know…

To keep you on track through your speech career ARTA developed the Mentor Membership,  an online tool to help you develop a strong base of foundationalskills, identify and work towards an area of specialization tailored to your interests and target accent, and ensure your continuing effort supports your career goals.


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