Accent Reduction Specialist (ARS)

Trainer Certification:

The number of non-native speaking Americans and international individuals in the U.S. continues to increase at a time when our population is also getting older. Coupled with working from home jobs, poor communication skill choices and job related outsourcing factors, the result is an ever-increasing number of individuals who are isolated from or separated from family and friends, therefore, rely on cell phones, email, text messaging, and video conferencing as common ways to share and communicate information. The (ARS) Accent Reduction Specialist plays a crucial role in the allied career development continuum by helping these individuals decrease penalizing speech habits and improve language and American English training following an (AI) Assessment Intake.

ARTA certificate for advanced accent reduction specialist certification provides in-depth voice and speech training that addresses common communication errors and accents heard on a daily basis.

The ARTA – Accent Reduction Specialist (ARS) Master level – teacher training training provides speech professionals with the opportunity to earn an advanced speech certification that is unparalleled in the industry. It’s the only accent reductionist certification with an extensive research curriculum for the most frequent accent corrections and modifications heard on a daily basis by speech professionals. According to recent ARTA studies and research, these frequently pronounced language issues fall into one of the following categories: inflection, articulation, link building and tonality – all of which are the focus of this certification. In addition, this credential addresses advanced corrections for speakers of European, Asian, South American and African descent and native- and non-native North American speakers.

ARTA introduced the Advanced Accent Reductionist Certification to meet the growing demands of clients and the advanced speech professionals providing Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level accent reduction programs. Becoming an ARTA-Certified Accent Reductionist will give you the credentials to work with special populations, taking a leadership role in helping  them to improve their language and overall communication, both professionally and personally. You can market your services directly to schools, technology companies, financial organizations, hospitals and the performing arts. This is an incredible opportunity that has been largely ignored. The possibility for growth and professional recognition are virtually untapped.

Certification Stats

The Accent Reductionist Teaching Accreditation  is divided into the following
content areas:

  • 26% Assessment

  • 26% Program Design

  • 40% Program Implementation + Management

  • 8% Professional Responsibility

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