Accent Reduction - Tips & Benefits Webinar

Below is just a sampling of topics Members will find in the Accent Reduction ONLINE Classroom:

  • Topics Include: A discussion on the origins of the American Accent and overcoming it’s barriers.
  • Brief introductions on the sounds of foreign accent reduction.
  • Increasing confidence; speaking clearly and effectively with little to no accent.
  • Learn the basics of American Intonation to speak like an American.
  • Live Webinar delivered Online or on the Telephone; nothing to download

Accent Reduction – NEXT Webinar:
Foreign/Regional Speakers 

THIS WEEK, 10:00 AM & 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
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  •  A Live Chat Conversation Room so you can interact live with the ARTA trainer anytime you have a challenge or want to ask questions
  •  ARTA class sharing tips and secrets about Accent Reduction Mistakes that are not available to non-members
  •  The Latest ARTA News to keep you in the loop
  •  Access to dozens ARTA accent strategies – The Mentorship and Communication Strategies and more key take aways.
  • The Keys to Accent Monitoring, Mirroring and Common Pronunciation Pitfalls, Taking the Stress out of your workplace conversations and increase social awareness.

ARTA Virtual attendees can listen to the event from the telephone or computer with internet connection.  Most respondents said they would recommend this event to their colleagues, leading ARTA to create the first ever Webinar Series by ARTA.


Travis J. founded, N.Y. Speech Consulting, a Communications Consultancy, specializing in Cross-Cultural Communication for foreign diplomats and business executives. During this time, he worked as a United Nations consultant, and co-founded the Conversaid Method of Accent Reduction, while researching thousands of hours of personal training of numerous foreign and political diplomats.
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