ARTA Survey

ARTA Accent Reduction – Survey

1. Do you feel your accent is holding you back professionally?

2. Have you ever been embarrassed by your accent?

3. Does the success of your profession require you to speak without an accent?

4. Is English your second language?

5. Are you achievement oriented and career success is important to you?

6. Do you wish you could turn your accent ON and OFF sometimes?

7. Do others ask you to repeat yourself while working?

8.  Do you sometimes not leave messages on voicemail because of your accent?

9.  Do you admire the way others speak and wish you could speak as well as they do?

10. Would you like to enroll in an accent reduction program to lose your accent?

*If you answered Yes to one or more of the above questions, then the ARTA Accent Reduction Program is right for you.  

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