Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

With 12+ years of experience teaching for University, Private Sector and Corporate settings, ARTA has taught in all levels on students:

Individuals will learn to speak with a certified, experienced trainer and teacher who caters to your individual needs and goals of each student with content-appropriate exercises and speech strategies they are interactive in engaging. You must truly enjoy what you are learning in order to demonstrate and share your skills with everyone who hears you!

Actors will be expected to have a serious commitment, hard work and dedicated effort in each weekly lesson. While the techniques and exercises will be catered to the working professional actor, using techniques for scenes, monologues, and auditions for positive feedback and improve performance skills.

Corporate students have a unique set of needs. We understand how daunting and rigorous it can be keeping up with the classes and weekly sessions. Through private coaching, we will to help you achieve results that are transferred to the work place setting.


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