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  Customer Support, Sales and Technical Support Teams
Are Facing Rejection, Pushing Clients Away with a
Lack Of Good Communication, and Lowering Productivity Rates While Working — Causing Customers and Prospects To Lose Confidence In Their Abilities — Triggering Lost Time and Revenue For Your Company…

It’s Not Their Fault And You Have The Opportunity To Do Something About It, Today…

Welcome to the ARTA Method, a new communication approach, based on trust and confidence that will give you and your Customer Service or Tech team a new “mind set” on their ability to handle support calls at work while giving your company the edge it needs to succeed.

No one needs to tell you the economy has shifted dramatically in the past few years, but someone needs to speak the truth about why your Customer Service, Sales or IT support team, as confident as they may appear, are burning through countless customer support opportunities for your company.

The Non-Native Speaking Model

Most likely, your Customer Support team is still using their conversational speaking model in their every day to day work environment or a idea of a professional image that they think “sounds” professional or important:

1. Talking on the phone
2. Introducing themselves and reflecting your company brand
3. Taking a customer support call or while asking questions
4. Hoping there are customers and colleagues that respect and listen to their condescending manner of speaking.

End result of this process in most cases is rejection, handling objections, repeating sentences, chipping away at one’s self-esteem, a growing sense that speaking “without impact” is a “barrier” and daily Customer Support losses for your company.

If you survey virtually every employee’s reaction, you’ll find the above model still present in most of them.

To cut to the chase, each day, your Customer Service team is doing what they believe they are supposed to do to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY.

What they may not realize is they need to LEARN TO SPEAK rather than talking to the customer that they are actually their trying to help.

They’ve been so conditioned to sell, fix, convince and persuade to get their message across, that they’re completely unaware of the damage to the potential relationships they could be creating with NEW customers.

Imagine if you’re international employees could:

– Speak with confidence and clarity

– Stop overcompensating and trying “speak slowly to be understood…” not realizing the problems they are in fact creating while speaking

– Become aware (for the first time) of their “speaking style”, speed of delivery, strong voice tone, quickness of dialogue that triggers confusion

– Come into the office each day happy about getting on the phones and expecting to have productive conversations with highly satisfied potential customers

– Take full responsibility for their own results, rather than blame the customer, prospect, your marketing, or their headset.

– Break their fear of speaking in meetings, once and for all (believe me, they all have it, even at the senior level, they just cover it up)

– Transfor m their speech mindset to one of creating trust with their prospects and to identify and correct their speaking mistakes once and for all

– Give themselves permission to be speak naturally and “present” themselves in a professional and compassionate way that feels good to them and potential customers

Here’s the irony of all this, in this new economy: 


Encouraging your Customer Support team to take more calls and be more productive is just going to pour more “fuel on the fire”, preventing them from achieving their Customer Support targets consistently.

Now, more than ever, is the time to re-invent your Customer Support team’s approach to better Call handling and support so they stop burning new customer opportunities and start building repeat prospects.

If you’re open to an ARTA Method mindset shift for your Customer Support team, then complete the “Complimentary Team Training Consultation – Action Form” below to assess if your Customer Support team is ready to make the shift to making more support calls with less stress on the customer and on your bottom line.

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