Personal Impact


A one-day course which aims to increase the participants’ inter-personal communication skills and focus on their understanding of how these strengths and weaknesses can affect the development and growth of individual relationships and effective communication skills.

The sessions will cover vocal and physical presence in a variety of situations and will train the participants with effective tools to communicate more effectively in scenarios such as: addressing an audience, presentations, round table discussions, corporate meetings; mixers and networking events, interviews and general inter-personal role play.

Inter-Personal Impact Course Outline

Voice and Presence

•    Establish the acoustic connection between thought, breath and voice.
•    Refine posture and body tension to distribute its negative impact.
•    Increase relaxation and communicate with a sense of grace and ease.
•    Improve clarity and resonance in your speaking voice.
•    Learn methods to increase the desired response of your audience.

Making a Vocal Impact

•    Develop your own personal style which portrays self-confidence and
•    Practice use of gestures and maintaining the audience’s interest.
•    Discover strategies for engaging the audience.
•    Discover how to use tone, rhythm and voice inflection to improve
communication skills.

The sessions are highly interactive and include improvisational exercises. Participants may be asked to make a brief presentation to the group throughout the day. Each participant will receive personal feedback from the tutor, who will identify areas for further improvement.
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